Popular torrent site ‘RARBG’ closes down after 15 years

A sad message to all those who like and actively watch pirated content. One of the world’s largest and most popular torrent sites “RARBG” has announced that after 15 years of work, it is saying goodbye to its users and is closing. That’s bad news for millions of users who used the site to watch both the latest movies and shows, as well as original content.

When opening the “RARBG” site, now only a white page appears with a notification on the left. In it, the company informed that the last two years have been very difficult for it, so for various reasons it has been decided in an internal vote to close the popular torrent site. Among these reasons are Covid-19, from which part of the team suffered, the war in Ukraine, where “RARBG” employees are fighting on both sides of the front. Also, a very important reason for closing the website was inflation and rising costs, as a result of which the company is no longer financially able to maintain its operations.

Source: RARBG

It should be noted that “RARBG” was created in 2008 and became one of the main players in the industry. This torrent site was loved by millions of users from all over the world, who used it to watch both new and long-forgotten but beloved content. Therefore, it can be said that with the closure of “RARBG” an entire era in the world of pirated content has come to an end.

2023-06-01 07:00:00

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