[POPULER GLOBAL] Raja Salman Taken to Hospital | Joe Biden Excels 2 Digits of Trump Page all

KOMPAS.com – King Salman from Saudi Arabia was reportedly taken to hospital due to inflammation in the gallbladder.

This is the first time for the oil-rich country to describe to the public the health conditions experienced by the 84-year-old king.

Then from the US presidential election, Joe Biden called superior enough, up to double digits from incumbent President Donald Trump.

Both articles can be enjoyed by you in the popular global news that occurs from Monday (7/20/2020) to Tuesday morning (7/21/2020).

1. Viral Video Suspected of Uighur Genocide Circulating on the Internet
A viral video on the internet is suspected of showing Uighur ethnic groups on the internet, where they undergo checks before being taken away.

In the circulating video, a group of people in blue uniforms are sitting in line and they are chained.

After undergoing examination with their eyes closed, the prisoners were then taken away to a place allegedly in the Xinjiang region.

The video reaps a response from the British shadow government. Like what their statement, you can listen at this link.

2. King Salman Taken to the Hospital, What’s Up?
King Salman bin Abdulaziz was reportedly rushed to the King Faisal specialist hospital in Riyadh after experiencing inflammation in the gall bladder.

The 84-year-old ruler was only reportedly conducting a medical examination without any details about the examination.

King Salman has spent more than 2.5 years as the crown prince and deputy prime minister since June 2012 before finally becoming king.

Like what the statement from the Saudi government, you can read it in full.

3. Besides Indonesia, Corona Vaccine Candidates from Sinovac Also Tested 2 of These Countries
Prospective corona virus vaccine produced by Sinovac Biotech Ltd China is reported to have arrived in Indonesia, for further clinical trials.

The certainty was conveyed by a spokesman for the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Teuku Faizansyah, with clinical trials submitted to Bio Farma.

However, Indonesia is not the only country that has become the port of the Sinovac virus produced by the corona virus.

Any other countries that receive these drugs, please see more here.

4. Unwavering, Joe Biden Maintains Double-digit Excellence over Trump
Incumbent Donald Trump has to rack his brain to be re-elected in the US Presidential Election 2020, after the results of the poll showed he lost to Joe Biden.

In just two surveys, Biden achieved the biggest advantage of his potential competitors since the 2020 US Presidential Election campaign was held, which was 15 points.

The former Vice President Barack Obama is leading 52 percent against 37 percent of Trump’s support in the Quinnipiac University survey.

The slackening of Trump’s support based on several polls is suspected by several factors, whatever that is, please see here.



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