Poroshenko returned to Ukraine, where he faces charges of treason – CT24 – Czech Television

Porishenko faces charges of treason, terrorist financing and the creation of a terrorist organization. Authorities suspect that, even before the election as president in 2014, he agreed – even with people from Russia’s top management – to buy coal worth 1.5 billion hryvnia (about 1.16 billion crowns) from the territory controlled by Moscow coordinated forces in Donbas in the east of the country. .

According to investigators, the purchase increased Ukraine’s energy dependence on Russia and its separatists, made it more difficult to diversify energy sources and undermined the state’s economic security.

An attempt to discredit, says Poroshenko

Poroshenko, who broadcast his arrival from Warsaw live on the Internet, first accused the border guards of confiscating his passport during customs control. He later announced that he had received his travel document, after which he went out to greet the airport lobby with a crowd of his supporters. According to the AP, some carried banners reading “We need democracy” and “Stop repression.”

According to the Russian-language server of the BBC station, Poroshenko, after meeting with supporters, went to court, which will decide on his detention. “The authorities are confused, weak, and instead of fighting (Kremlin chief Vladimir) Putin, they are trying to fight us,” he said during a court break in front of a crowd of supporters who had gathered in front of the courthouse. The stand finally lasted until late in the evening, and the court then adjourned the hearing on Wednesday.

The prosecutor’s office asks the court to send Porošenko into a two-month detention period or, in the event of his release, to impose a bail of one billion hryvnia (about 757 million crowns). The prosecution also wants the ex-president to be required to wear an electronic bracelet, remove his passport and ban Kiev from leaving without permission, wrote the server Ukrainaska pravda.

As part of the investigation, Porošenko’s property was frozen and, if convicted, he faces up to fifteen years in prison. The former president insists on his innocence, claiming that his successor Zelensky is trying to discredit him politically in order to divert attention from Ukraine’s numerous problems.

Zelenský administration: The prosecutor’s office and courts are independent

The Zelenský administration distanced itself from the investigation and emphasized that the prosecutor’s office and the courts were independent. Porošenka also accused her of feeling above the law.

Zelenskyj claims that this is an action of an independent prosecutor’s office, and the state investigation office also stated that it was not a matter of politics and that investigators only deal with facts, added ČT correspondent Lukáš Mathé.

Criticism of the current situation is also heard from the West, diplomats say that Ukraine is in a really bad situation due to border tensions. According to them, the country needs unity above all at the moment and it is not possible for politicians to take steps that would divide the country, Mathé added.

Ukrainian woman Víchová: It is a very absurd situation

Ukrainian Lenka Víchová considers the case absurd. “These are coal supplies from 2014 and 2015. At the time when the Russo-Ukrainian war was at the beginning, more than ninety percent of Ukrainian heating plants were dependent on a special type of coal – anthracite. He mined in the territory that was already in fact occupied by the Russian Federation at that time. And the Ukrainian government was facing a decision on where to import and buy it, “she told ČT24 on the Horizon.

According to her, Ukraine had several options. “She could have bought it in South Africa – it turned out to be poor, unsatisfactory. Poroshenko also claims that it should even have been bought through offshore companies. Or she could buy this coal from the Russian Federation, from the aggressor. Or in its territory, which was already actually occupied at the time, but Ukrainian citizens worked in the mines, and companies that sold coal to the Ukrainian government were registered in the unoccupied territory of Ukraine, “Víchová calculates.

“So yes, in 2014 and 2015 Ukraine bought the coal. But the absurdity of the whole case lies in the fact that today, in fact, during the entire period of President Zelenský’s government, coal is bought from the Russian Federation, that is, from the aggressor, “Víchová concluded.

Wealthy businessman Poroshenko was elected head of the pro-Western Ukrainian government in 2014 when protesters in Kiev overthrew pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. Zelensky Poroshenka was defeated in the 2019 elections when he promised to tackle corruption and the influence of the oligarchs in the country.