Porsche continues to record sales, with Taycan beating 911 and Panamera

While most carmakers are counting losses, Porsche is adding further success. These include the ever-growing popularity of the Taycan electric model, which beats the 911, Panamera and 718 series in sales.

Porsche recently boasted a 13 percent year-on-year increase in sales in the third quarter of the year, a total of 217,198 vehicles sold in 2021. The carmaker saw the largest increase in sales (+ 30%) in the US, but deliveries also increased in China (+ 11%) and domestic Germany (+ 9%).

The increase in sales numbers at this time is, of course, impressive, although it is true that premium cars with lower production volumes are not so much affected by the chip crisis. However, Porsche’s growing sales are also interesting in that the purely electric Taycan is playing an increasingly important role.

This year, Porsche Taycan has already gained 28,640 units sold, surpassing all versions of the iconic 911 model (27,972 units) and Panamera models (20,275 units). The 911 series is also celebrating success this year, with sales up 10 percent year on year. The Panamera models then improved by one percent year on year.

However, SUVs still remain the biggest driver of sales. The bestseller is the Cayenne model, which added 62,451 units sold this year, while the smaller Macan is catching up with sales of a total of 61,944 units. At the end of the table, the 718 Boxster & Cayman models remain, which have so far added only 15,916 units sold.


With the success of the Taycan model, it is no wonder that the carmaker is enthusiastically preparing to launch new battery electric models, among which the most anticipated news will be the SUV. The success of the Taycan model shows that mobile customers do not have such a big problem with the transition to electricity.