Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo

So what do we notice as a leader? Roughly so, the Taycan Sport Turismo GTS seems to be reading our minds. If necessary, very guarantor, if necessary, plow the bends. But without a drop of sweat. Gym? No way. Space technology.

Like the other Porsches, the Taycan can be started to the left of the handlebars, but there is no small lever to pattern the plugged-in key, instead a button has to be pressed. We don’t have to look for the reversing lever in the traditional place either, it also moved to the dashboard, to the right of the steering wheel. With a little knob we can choose vertically between the RND gears, while P has been given a separate button.

I know it’s electric, but it’s still missing the typical Porridge engine roar after starting. A unique synthetic sound was designed to mix the screaming of a spaceship with some growls. It looked pretty good at first, but somehow it doesn’t make up for the sound experience, I didn’t become goosebumps from it.

The governance of the Taycan is exciting

What first appears when driving is that the Taycan is very wide. The rural roads around Rome are very narrow, so you have to pull off if a truck comes in front of you.

In normal mode, the Taycan GTS is like trying to completely hide its capabilities. Quiet, light, soft. It tries not to disturb the passengers in any way. Then, of course, in Sport and Sport Plus modes, it tightens your muscles step by step, reacting faster and more directly.

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In Normal and Range driving modes, the first electric motor is almost completely switched off or de-energized in the part-load range, and there is no driving torque on any of the axles during coasting. This is good for energy consumption, so the GTS is the first Taycan to travel up to 500 kilometers on a single charge, but switching from a conventional car is a bit strange that not only is there no engine brake when picking up gas, but the car is barely slowing down. We are falling to infinity.

Its steering is extremely direct, and the car responds immediately to the slightest movement. It turns out to be an absolute sports car, it behaves. The weight of the car in the traditional sense is not felt, but it is obvious that there is material in it because the body is very rigid. Feel like a block of concrete.

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The GTS can reach 100 paces in 3.7 seconds

We were also able to see this on a racetrack when we circled him in Vallelunga. He endured the torture shockingly well, more guarantor than the Panamera who tried to compare. He was surprisingly fast in the corners, firing immediately at every acceleration. Torque control solves almost everything, with no under- or over-steering when pulled, pushed to the front, pushed to the rear when needed. I issued the instruction with my foot to go and the car executed it. He was trite, but it was as if he had been pulled on a rail.

Only his brakes gave up the lesson. In such a use, the switch between electric and conventional disc braking is too abrupt, causing the tires to lock twice during the braking distance. Of course, I doubt many people would plan to bid with a Taycan. Especially since the sound is missing and there is no smell after a hearty beating, the cooling exhaust doesn’t bounce. Only the tires get hot.

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The Taycan GTS is doing well, the value on the speedometer is growing fast, but the car is so sophisticated that our heart rate isn’t rising. It is also suitable for German highways, it bounces off 150 with enough vehemence. What makes accelerating from a standstill exciting is the transmission. As there is a small break in the dynamics when shifting into second gear and then he rushes in again with a kick, it fills the driver with a familiar feeling.

What’s really hot is his chassis. Brilliant. This was my first international driving test in the last 20 years, where we were able to drive on a bad surface similar to the domestic side roads. But I didn’t mind the lack of the usual mirror-smooth paths, the Taycan GTS didn’t even pick it up, it easily went through a lot of holes while keeping the chestnut absolutely stable in a serpentine bend. We can easily throw the car into corners, turning pretty much anywhere faster than we think.

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Classic analog clock on top of the dashboard