Port of Hamburg: I ​​baptize you with the name … Chicago! | Regional

Hamburg – It’s 6,834 kilometers as the crow flies to Hamburg’s twin city Chicago, and 590 kilometers to the town of Feuchtwangen in Middle Franconia (Bavaria).

US Ambassador Amy Gutmann (72) linked both cities to Hamburg on Thursday – she christened the new underwater planing ship “Chicago” at the Überseebrücke.

Her Jewish-Orthodox father Kurt was German, fled from the Nazis in Bavaria to Bombay in 1934, later moved on to Brooklyn (New York), where the ambassador was born.

The German roots of the godmother, who praised Hamburg as the “City of Dreams”, were heard by guests such as Mayor Peter Tschentscher (56, SPD) and HPA boss Jens Meier (56) at the baptism: “I baptize you ‘Chicago’ and I wish you always a safe journey!” Applause from around 100 guests.

Gutmann, the first woman to head the US Embassy in Berlin, severed a thin rope. Then the bottle of Henkell dry sparkling wine burst on the blue “Chicago” bow.

Ship horns as a port greeting for the new bulldozer (27 m, costs 7 million euros) in the Hamburg fleet. It is intended to pull the harbor basin free of silt with 9.70 meter long, lowerable tines at the rear.

The mayor: “The ‘Chicago’ ensures free passage in the port, as even large container ships always have a hand’s breadth of water under their keel. It stands for what Hamburg and Chicago have in common as commercial centers on the waterfront, which have been connected through a town twinning for around 30 years.”

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The HPA boss: “The new ship with its hybrid drive will not only be very powerful, but also extremely environmentally friendly.”

The new building, which will also work as a measuring ship and can tow, will replace two older ships from October.

In a good mood at the christening at the Überseebrücke: Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher, US Ambassador Amy Gutmann and HPA boss Jens Meier (from left)

Photo: Jörg Köhnemann