Porto de Leixões will use 5G drones to monitor operations in real time

The Port of Leixões, in Matosinhos, is the first to use 5G technology in Portugal and will be equipped with drones capable of transmitting, in real time, high quality images to monitor operations.

The agreement between NOS and the Administration of the Ports of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo (APDL) allows the Port of Leixões, in Matosinhos, in the district of Porto, to be the “first 5G port in Portugal” being “fully covered with the fifth generation of mobile networks” from that company.

In a statement, the communications and entertainment group stressed that that port could count on “significant increases in terms of competitiveness, efficiency and security” for the management of “important national infrastructure”.

APDL will be able to “monitor complex operations using 5G drones, equipped with cameras capable of transmitting, in real time, high quality video images to the control room”, explained NOS.

With these remote monitoring means, both the operations center and the ship’s pilots can follow a set of higher risk maneuvers, while increasing the capacity to carry out on-site inspections, with greater frequency, flexibility and security, as well as allowing support fundamental in managing the response and mitigation in case of incidents, can be read in the statement.

The 5G drones will also be prepared to be “equipped with environmental, noise and air quality sensors, capable of measuring the impacts of each operation in real time and directly on site”.

The NOS and APDL teams are also studying “the best way to take advantage of augmented reality and digital twin technology to make machinery maintenance and logistics processes more efficient”.

And they intend to implement IoT (‘Internet of Everything’ or Internet of Things) sensing to “know in real time the location and status of all assets”.

For the executive director of NOS, Manuel Ramalho Eanes, mentioned in the statement, 5G is “a fundamental piece” for the “industry 4.0” and allows “to define what is the future of competitiveness of companies in the most diverse sectors”.

“Thanks to the 5G-based solutions that we are implementing, the Port of Leixões, one of the most relevant national infrastructures, will be able to strengthen its competitive position, not only in the Iberian context but also in Europe”, he stressed.

The chairman of the board of directors of APDL, Nuno Araújo, pointed out that “technology is probably the most relevant competitiveness factor” for that infrastructure.

“We intend to carry out our operations as quickly as possible, safer and more efficiently. Therefore, for the Port of Leixões it is absolutely critical to use innovative technologies such as 5G, in order to enhance our transformation process digital and thus increase our productivity and improve our positioning”, he said, also mentioned in the press release.

Matosinhos has been a “living laboratory of innovation” since 2019, in which NOS has applied 5G technology in “projects that contribute to increasing its efficiency and competitiveness in various areas”, such as in industry or education, where it has also been presented the first 5G school in Portugal.



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