The Portuguese first division game between Vitória Guimarães and FC Porto has been overshadowed by a scandal. A few minutes after scoring 2-1 (1-0), scorer Moussa Marega angrily left the field after 69 minutes, apparently responding to racial insults against him, and a chair is said to have been thrown in his direction, media reports.

According to Porto coach Sérgio Conceição, Marega has been offended since warming up. “We are outraged,” the club quoted him on Twitter. “We are a family, regardless of nationality, skin color, size, hair color. We are a family. We are people. We deserve respect.”

As can be seen on television recordings, teammates and professionals from host Vitória tried to calm Marega down and apparently persuade them to continue playing. After minutes of discussion, Marega was replaced and showed, among other things, middle finger towards the grandstand. For him, Wilson Manafá came on the field in the 72nd minute, Porto won 2-1.

Marega then scolded in an Instagram post about the “idiots who come to the stadium to shout racist slogans” and thanked the referees sarcastically “that they did not defend me and gave me a yellow card because I mean mine Defend skin color “.

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