Google has recently released its new version of the Contacts service. Those who had already activated the Preview will see mostly an evolution of the type Material Theming, Contacts being passed to the same moulinette as Gmail, Agenda and Drive (or One). The Android application also benefited already.

In the coming months, this migration will accelerate. Next spring, the new version will be the only one for all, retiring the old version, which has had its day. After all, the contact review started in 2015 and has remained as a Preview.

This mandatory transition will also be done in-house for G Suite accounts, but in stages. On November 28, administrators will see in their console a new option, to choose what users see by default, the old or the new interface.

On January 15th, the option will disappear and new Contacts will be imposed on the domains. Finally, on February 12, the old version will be permanently deleted and everyone will be put in step. However, the change should not rush users, the essence of service remaining the same.

However, we would have liked Google to make a little graphic effort, because the Material Theming may seem particularly empty, especially when the accent color is a blue pool. The font chosen seems strange and lacks legibility. The contact creation button is more floating, but big and fixed at the top of the column.

New Contacts may be more efficient, but their interface is bland.



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