Portugal manager blames Cristiano Ronaldo for elimination

The elimination of Portugal from UEFA Nations League continues to generate multiple reactions, more so if the words of the team coach are taken into account, Fernando Santoswell “blamed” Cristiano Ronaldo of this tragic fact.

It seems that the dependency on Cristiano Ronaldo it has cost dearly Portugalbecause by not walking fine it is believed that most of its responsibility not contending for him trophyso now they will have to focus on what is coming towards Qatar 2022.

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DT of Portugal “blames” Cristiano for his elimination

Speaking at a press conference, after the 1-0 of spain about Portugalthe technician Fernando Santos gave some statements what generated controversybecause it seems that he would be blaming CR7 of the defeat and elimination of his country in the UEFA Nations League.

“Portugal is a team, confidence in Cristiano Ronaldo is total. Hoy has had three or four occasions, he normally marks them and today he did not put them. This is soccer”He said DT de Portugal.


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In addition to this, Santos revealed that the Lusitanos did everything in order to tie the score and stay alive in the UEFA Nations Leaguebut despite the changes and their strategy, they did not succeed.

“Put a Vitinha y João Mario to have possession and be able to play more, but we couldn’t, we started to go back. Even so we had two good chances for Mark but not we were right”, sentenced the technician.

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After completing the last day of the UEFA Nations Leaguelos 4 teams that have qualified al Final Four for the champion trophy Croatia, Spain, Netherlands and Italywhere at the moment there are no confirmed crosses.

This instance will be played until the year 2023so the clubs will have time to prepare and attend properly the world of Qatar 2022.