Positive feelings with Camarasa, who points to the final stretch of LaLiga

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Updated:02/23/2021 19: 49h


He is a footballer very much like Pilgrims, who follows his rehabilitation closely and awaits him patiently and with open arms. The Chilean coach, who already wanted to sign Camarasa During his time at the West Ham bench, he showed his total confidence in preseason, but a serious injury on the stage in Marbella he separated the player from Betis’s plans.

The recovery of the midfielder goes from strength to strength and your challenge is to reappear in April, month in which he hopes to be fully available for Pellegrini for the final stage of LaLiga. As pointed MarkLast Friday, Víctor Camarasa, accompanied by the physiotherapist Alejandro Fernández, visited the doctor Manuel Leyes, one of the surgeons who intervened in the Cemtro Clinic in Madrid last September for the injury he suffered in the knee right, and feelings are very positive.

The evolution of the anterior cruciate ligament, reconstructed in surgery, has been satisfactory. Everything is going according to plan and the player meets the deadlines after six months in the dry dock. Camarasa plans to join the group work in the next few weeks and catch the physical tone. The goal to play again: April.

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