"This is obviously very disappointing," said Giants coach Pat Shurmur about the arrest of Kyle Lauletta. (Katherine Frey / The Washington Post)

There is seldom a good time to be arrested, but Kyle Lauletta chose a particularly dreadful moment during the Giants season to break the law. New York's rookie quarterback, who was intended as a possible replacement for the ailing Eli Manning, is said to have nearly hit a policeman with his car on Tuesday and has been charged with several crimes.

Police in Weehawken, N.J. said Lauletta was instructed by an officer to go straight ahead in his Jaguar 2017 instead of making a right turn at renovations near the Lincoln Tunnel. It was said that Lauletta disobeyed the briefing and almost hit the officer when he turned the curve, and then refused to present a pass or leave the vehicle when being pulled by another officer.

The police said Lauletta, 22, had been arrested and charged with evading the police, obstructing the administration of the law and resisting the arrest, which was classified as irregular personal offenses, as well as reckless driving, disobeying one's instructions Officer, inappropriate turnaround and failure to be detained a marked lane. He also allegedly made the same illegal turnaround the day before, with a request to him after leaving the scene in his vehicle.

Lauletta was released on her own, a court date has not yet been announced. He was not available for comment on Tuesday.

In a statement, Giants coach Pat Shurmur said he and his coworkers had been "made aware of the situation this morning" and "had been in contact with Lauletta." He added, "We are still collecting information. This is of course very disappointing. "

Shurmur made stronger comments during his weekly appearance on a New York sports radio station and said (via the New York Post), "This is not being taken lightly." As an indication that a repeal was possible for Lauletta, Shurmur called the incident "Disturbing," claiming that there would be "consequences for this type of behavior."

In a comment that might be threatening for Lauletta's tenure in New York, Shurmur said to the station, "There are elements in the building of" Okay, what's the future? "We think about these things.

The news about Lauletta came just as the Giants went into the Bye week with a 1-7 record and reason enough to think about what they might change for the second half of the seasons. "We look at all areas to improve," Shurmur said Monday, and when asked if Manning would still be the team's first quarterback when he resumes in week 10, the coach replied: "We'll see, but I think Eli is our quarterback."

At 37 and in his 15th NFL season, Manning looked almost like a quarterback just before the end of his career. He achieved a high degree of completion, but had great difficulty scoring points, even with a receiving corps that included the talented talents Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram, and a very impressive rookie running in Saquon Barkley.

Since the Giants are going nowhere for a second season, more than a few observers believe the team may use the layoff to downplay Manning. Given that the only other quarterback on the depth chart is Alex Tanney, a 31-year-old journeyman with very little experience on the field, the most obvious decision to take the reins seemed to be Lauletta, who retired in the fourth round was from Richmond.

"I think you always want to make sure you replace someone who replaces him with guys who can do that job," Shurmur said Monday. "I think you always think about it, because the team counts on us to play the best people in all positions."

Lauletta, who had been arrested on Tuesday morning while presumably trying to reach the Giants facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey, was reportedly not a participant in the practice that day. Shurmur said on the radio that the quarterback was "back in the office", but missed an opportunity that would have given the team the opportunity to give the team confidence in its potential as a starter.

Instead, Lauletta has apparently given the Giants reason to think about whether he has any future with the team. Rather than raising hopes for a turnaround this season, his arrest has only helped expand the list of things that went awry for Big Blue.

The Giants ranked second from the moment they captured Barkley with the # 2 overall rating in April, missing the opportunity to challenge Manning's rejection by having a highly acclaimed college quarterback like Sam Darnold selected, Josh Allen or Josh Rosen. In Lauletta, the team got a prospect, some of whom would appear to promise NFL success, and Barkley tried on Tuesday to show support for his teammate, although he showed a surprise at the turn of events.

"I know Kyle really well and it was definitely shocking," said the running back. "I do not know much about it, to talk about it, to be honest, but yes, I know it's really nothing. I know it sounds crazy, but it's probably not crazy because of the kind of person he is. "

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