One of the AFD appointed assessor has warned the party against the use of terms such as "alienation" and "rearrangement," as these could provide clues to surveillance by the constitutional agency. In a summary of the opinion of the legal scholar Dietrich Murswiek, the party members are recommended, in addition to words such as "ethnic death" and "reeducation" also avoid generalized judgments that derogate certain groups. As an example, "refugees are criminal" or "old parties are corrupt".

The summary of the report had been created by AFD member of parliament Roland Hartwig. The former Chief Justice of a pharmaceutical company heads a constitution protection working group established by the party executive. It should take precautions against a possible observation of the party by the secret service.

The Lower Saxony AfD had already given instructions to its members on how to avoid observation. In this "handout" warns the state executive: "If the VS observes a party, leave in no time almost all employees of the civil service this party." The board writes: "Now let's imagine what was going on in the last 12 months on all accounts of the party only in Lower Saxony." And: "The only antidote is that we now monitor every account of the party and all its mandate and officials."

The constitutional protection offices in Bremen and Lower Saxony had decided a few weeks ago to observe the AfD youth organizations there. The Junge Alternative wants to decide this Sunday at a federal congress, whether the two state associations are dissolved. The Bavarian protection of the Constitution currently also observes three members of parliament of the AfD. Thuringia's intelligence service checks whether it is monitoring the AfD or parts of it for possible anti-constitutional tendencies.

About a thousand AFD members have signed a call in recent days, which complains of "uncertainty of the members" through numerous order and exclusion procedures. The call states: "We oppose all thought and speech prohibitions within the party."



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