Possible specifications for the new iPhone 14 Pro

As Apple works hard and paves the way for the launch of the next generation of iPhones, information about these phones is starting to appear more and more often and it seems that leakers are starting to confirm their theories among themselves.

However, the latest information about the iPhone 14 Pro may be the most important so far, as we find out what is supposed to be the list of specifications for the new phone.

According to Shadow_Leak on Twitter, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a 6.06 ″ screen with 120Hz OLED panel and 2530 × 1170 resolution. And after seeing last year’s iPhone 13 Pro at 6.1 ″, I don’t think it’s hard to believe that Apple would cut a little more from the phone. Eventually we finally get rid of that annoying bangs, but the FaceID module and the front camera will be hosted by another type of bangs, which comes in the form of a pill surrounded by the display. I also found a render made by Tom’s Hardware that helped me get an idea of ​​the new design, ZonaIT.ro reports

Another interesting change that has been discussed and seems to be turning into certainty is the camera. Or rather the camera assembly, which will consist of a 48MP main sensor and two other 12MP modules. This will be an extremely important change for the iPhone 14 Pro which could be the best phone from Apple when it comes to cameras and their capabilities. The large number of megapixels could mean even more detail in a picture that would have been obtained through the pixel binning process. In addition, it’s about time to receive 8K filming on the iPhone and this seems like the right time.

What will the new iPhone 14 Pro have under the hood?

The specifications don’t go unnoticed either, and the iPhone 14 Pro will house the Apple A16 Bionic processor made using TSMC’s 4nm technology. Along with 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM, the new phone will be even more powerful than its predecessors. But Apple’s strategy seems to include a first hybrid launch in which the Pro and Pro Max models come with the latest processor, while the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will use “old”A15 processor to maintain a low price.

The storage has also received a small upgrade, so you can choose from capacities between 128GB and 1TB. That would go hand in hand with the ability of the new cameras to record video at 8K resolution. Another logical move that Apple could make would be to replace the old Lightning port with a USB-C. This will make it easier for you to transfer files from your phone to a laptop or PC when that Terabyte is filled with photos and videos.

But with such changes, the new iPhone 14 Pro will not only be the most revolutionary phone launched by Apple in the last decade, but it will also be the most expensive. Rumors indicate a $ 100 price increase over the previous generation, which would bring the starting price of the new flagship to $ 1,099. And this in the case of the 128GB model, as the 1TB one I think will cost around $ 1,500.