Possible traffic light coalition: SPD wants to sound out this week

As of: 09/28/2021 10:34 a.m.

While the Union is preoccupied with itself, the SPD is speeding up the formation of a government: it is ready for explorations with the Greens and the FDP this week, it said before the first parliamentary group meeting.

The SPD is ready to start explorations with the Greens and the FDP to form a joint government this week. “We have invited the Greens and the FDP to conduct exploratory talks with us this week, if they want,” said SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich before a first parliamentary group meeting. “We are ready to have not only quick, but also reliable discussions. If there are problems, they will be solved on the track.”

Two days after the federal election, the parties meet for parliamentary groups

Klaus Weidmann, ARD Berlin, daily news 12:00 p.m., September 28, 2021

With a view to the failed exploratory talks about a possible Jamaica coalition after the federal election in 2017, Mützenich said: “I think both small parties have to realize that the spectacle that they sometimes did on balconies four years ago is not Tasks. “

The first greens are in favor of traffic lights

Today most of the newly elected parliamentary groups come together for their first sessions. The first thing in the morning is the SPD, followed by the left-wing parliamentary group, the Greens and the Union. The FDP parliamentary group had already met on Monday afternoon. The AfD MPs do not meet until Wednesday.

The formation of a government should also be the focus of the meeting of the new Green Group today. The party is initially seeking preliminary talks with the FDP in order to sound out the possibilities for cooperation. It is likely that the Greens will favor a traffic light coalition with the SPD and FDP rather than a Jamaica coalition with the Union and FDP. in the ARD morning magazine said the spokeswoman for the Green Youth, Anna Peters, clearly in favor of such a three-way alliance: “I am very clearly in favor of the traffic light,” she said.

Habeck is apparently supposed to become Vice Chancellor

Meanwhile it became known that the Greens chairmen Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck had apparently already clarified which of them would take over the post of vice chancellor before the exploratory talks. As several media reported unanimously, Baerbock, who had previously confessed to her own mistakes in the election campaign, wants to let Habeck go first. Habeck himself only commented on the question of vice-chancellorship with the words: “Assume that we are completely sorted.”

With a view to the upcoming talks on the formation of a government, Habeck said: “It is part of the responsibility that we have now emphasized several times here that you go in well prepared and clarified.” At the same time, the Greens boss emphasized: “But it is also part of the responsibility not to bring this clarification to the market.”

FDP calls on the Union to make clear statements

According to a representative study by infratest dimap for the ARD Germany trend A majority of 55 percent of citizens prefer an SPD-led coalition with the Greens and the FDP. In the survey, only 33 percent were in favor of a coalition of CDU / CSU, Greens and FDP. However, the majority of the supporters of the FDP favor a Jamaica alliance with the Union (51 percent) instead of a traffic light coalition (41 percent).

The parliamentary manager of the FDP, Marco Buschmann, called on the Union to quickly clarify its readiness for possible coalition talks. All parties should be “able to speak” by the end of the week, he says on Deutschlandfunk. “It’s Jamaica and the traffic light on the table now.” Different signals are coming from the Union. Some wanted to rule, others didn’t. The Union must clarify this now. Buschmann emphasized that the aim of the FDP was a “coalition with ambitions” that would not end after two years.


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