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Post-Brexit trade partners ask to lower human rights standards | Politics

Britain has been claiming to be in receipt of good and bad debt in a post-Brexit trade deal.

Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, said: "Some countries have sought to do away with the EU."

Fox said it would not drop Europe's standards on human rights in exchange for trade deals, as it explained.

Fox said while answering questions in the on-and-doing European Union, they said they would like to do so his department's progress towards striking trade deals.

"I'm not inclined to do so. The value we attach to human rights is an important part of who we are as a country, "he said.

UK's weaker bargaining position after Brexit talks about making its way out of Britain's human rights standards.

It emerged last week that Japan is seeking tougher concessions from Britain in trade talks than it is secured from the EU, with its trade negotiators confident they can extract better terms.

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Ken Clarke, the veteran Conservative MP and supporter of remaining in the EU, told Fox in parliament: "The principle is the bargaining power that the United Kingdom has against the European Union as a bloc out of cash ,

"Countries like Japan and South Korea and others are going to be better in the United Kingdom than they've had to give to the EU," he said.

Fox denied that Britain was in a weak bargaining position, while arguing that many countries wanted to negotiate with the UK without the bureaucracy of all EU states having to ratify an agreement.

"We remain the world's fifth largest economy and many countries have agreed to make a deal with the United Kingdom as a single country – he said.


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