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Post is testing entry into local supply in the countryside


Post is testing entry into local supply in the countryside

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Benjamin Müller, postal service dispatcher of Deutsche Post, presents a vehicle of the new service "My Landpost". Photo: Daniel Karmann

Source: dpa-infocom GmbH

With a kind of modern mom and pop shop on wheels, the Post wants to provide the people in the countryside. For this purpose, she puts together some of her services, expands them and brings them among the people as "my rural mail". Now the test run begins.

Buchen / Oberkotzau (dpa / lby) – In some communities in the countryside, people can hardly buy food and articles of daily use – this niche has now been discovered by Deutsche Post. For this she launches a test under the motto "My Landpost", which she presented on Friday in Upper Franconian Oberkotzau (district of Hof) and in northern Baden Buchen. An employee with an electric vehicle should not only sell the customer stamps, take packages or pay cash, but also bring food and other things to the front door.

The company wants to explore in the two small communities in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, whether such a service finds enough users and pays off. Spokesman Gerold Beck: "We want to see what the demand is and whether a business model can be developed from it.". With its nationwide logistics and vehicles, Swiss Post sees itself well prepared for this. The deliverers are already selling stamps in rural areas on the doorstep and accept shipments.

Oberkotzau and Buchen in the Odenwald are the model communities for the test run until the end of November. Buchen is with 14 parts on 139 square kilometers of surface according to the information suitable for the experiment. Head of department at Buchen town hall, Günter Ellwanger, says: "Everything is still available in the city center, but supply is already reduced in two larger districts, but there are no more shops in the other districts." The municipality has a total of 18,000 inhabitants , in the smallest district just 85.

In such mini-units, Swiss Post no longer finds cooperation partners for branches. Kiosks, stationeries or even grocery stores, which could offer postal services as a further mainstay, hardly exist anymore. In municipalities and districts with more than 2000 inhabitants, the post office but must operate a branch. Beck: "That will stay the way it is – there will be no restrictions." Even if the "Landpost" were well received, there would be no danger for the post office in the core city and the two post offices in stores.

Oberkotzau is from the point of view of the manager in the town hall, Katja Mende, a good test location. In the community with approximately 5400 inhabitants on an area of ​​21.5 square kilometers with a main town and two districts live many older people. Although there is a free citizens bus. "But not everyone creates the way." An extension of the offer at the front door should be welcomed.

Handelsverband Deutschland confirms that retail is no longer profitable in some regions. But food would still be 99 percent stationary, said spokesman Kai Falk. There is still plenty of room for mobile or online offers.

Swiss Post wants to exploit this potential and combines its mobile service with an Internet service, the post-online supermarket "AllyouneedFresh". He supplies the service vehicles. As a warehouse with frozen food delivery points are each used near the two communities. Older customers who can not cope with the platform can use the service staff to order items that they do not always have with them. The prices are according to post office on the usual level.

What does the project look like? It's more than just a mom and pop shop on wheels, but linked to modern technology. Customers can report by phone, messenger service, or a buzzer that informs the employee with a buzz that someone is in need. Six days a week, you can choose from over 100 items – from skin cream to apples to pea stew.


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