Poste Italiane rankings 2021 CTD for hiring in 2022

The 2021 Poste Italiane rankings relating to fixed-term contracts (CTD) have been published, which will be stabilized with permanent hires in 2022.

Based on a agreement with trade unions signed last August, the postal services company will proceed to stabilize 1400 temporary workers. To do this it will use the national and provincial ranking of former CTDs to be hired for an indefinite period.

Here is all the information on Poste Italiane’s final rankings for the recruitment of former CTDs in 2022, how to consult them and verify your position in the lists. We also make the ranking available in pdf to download both national and all provinces.


There is, in fact, a ranking of the Italian Post Office that comes updated every year and concerns people who have entered into fixed-term contracts (CTD) with Poste Italiane. These rankings are aimed at stabilization of temporary staff, that is, to permanent hires in Poste Italiane. In practice, those who work for the Post Office with a fixed-term contract, if they mature a certain length of service, through one or more engagements, can enter the ranking to be stabilized in the company, that is, hired with CTI.

This is an interesting opportunity to enter and work permanently in Poste for figures such as, for example, postmen. Postmen are generally hired with quarterly contracts, which can also be renewed, because people can be contacted several times by the post office to carry out postman work for 3/4 months. Therefore, from contract to contract they can accumulate periods of service useful to enter and go up in the lists aimed at the recruitment of Poste Italiane.


On 3 August 2021 Poste Italiane signed an agreement with the trade unions on active labor policies for the period 2021 – 2023, in which it defined the path to stabilize fixed-term workers, in particular for the performance of mail delivery activities. , that is, for i postman they sorting staff. The agreement introduced new rules for the Poste Italiane CTD rankings, lowering the length of service to 6 months required to enter the ranking, instead of the 9 months previously requested.

So, in essence, those who mature at least 6 months of work in Poste Italiane can enter the ranking for future stabilization. To be included in the rankings, each post office worker must signing in through a special business application, carrying out a first phase of accreditation and choice of the provinces of interest. The same is activated from time to time after the communication of availability by the company.


Once all the adhesions have been collected, Poste Italiane publishes the provisional rankings, followed by a phase of collection and verification of any error reports. At the end of the latter, the definitive provincial rankings and the definitive national rankings are published. The first ones report the overall score, seniority on delivery and score on the province used for position assignment.

Those whose name is present in the final ranking can compete for permanent hiring in the post office, by logging back on the company application and choosing a province among those indicated as options above. For those who do not make the choice, only the province indicated as is considered province priority 1 in the accreditation phase.


The application to choose the province of interest in relation to the Poste Italiane CTD rankings for 2022 recruitments is available until January 27.


We make available below the national and provincial rankings of Poste Italiane ex CTD from download and consult:

The rankings can also be consulted on the Poste website in this page.


For more information, please download and read the following documents:

– Trade union agreement 3 August 2021;
– Company press release dated December 22, 2021, containing all the information on the rankings for postmen and mail sorting staff.


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