Postpone electronic auction of coffee for the crisis

Postpone electronic auction of coffee for the crisis

The electronic auction of the Cup of Excellence, which would be held on June 5, will be held until the 19th of the same month, as the Association of Specialty Coffee of Nicaragua (ACEN), organizer of the contest, has had delays in the process of sending coffee samples to international buyers.
“It’s been very difficult for us to send all the samples. You have to bring them from there (Nueva Segovia), then transport them, get the documentation and all that has been a very slow process, which has taken us more than a week, “said Edwin Ruiz, executive director of ACEN.
In this electronic auction, the best coffees in the country that won the Cup of Excellence will be sold to the highest bidder.
Samples are sent to international buyers by air. According to Ruiz, 90 buyers from 20 countries will participate in the auction.
The executive director of ACEN said that buyers are well informed of the crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing, which could raise concerns about delays in sending coffee.
“After the date of the auction, they have to give us shipping instructions for us to proceed to send them the coffee, what they bought,” said Ruiz, who hopes that by then the crisis has been overcome.
“However, there is a component of uncertainty on the part of the buyer, that we are trying to think how to do to counteract that and that the auction is a success,” said Ruiz.
However, according to Ruiz, the situation in Nicaragua should not influence the price paid by international buyers for these coffees.
“The situation that is happening is not going to negatively influence the price, unless the buyer feels that we probably do not give him the guarantees that the coffee will be delivered to him. If we manage to do that, there will be no negative impact on the price, “explained Ruiz.
This year they were winners of the Cup of Excellence, 35 coffees.
Five of these coffees received the title of “presidential,” which is what coffee is called to achieve a score higher than 90 in the cupping by the international jury.
The Cup of Excellence is an international competition that takes place annually to choose the highest quality coffees.

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