Poulseur: since the floods, a goldfish in the Ourthe

A large goldfish has taken up residence in the Ourthe along the Ravel in Poulseur. This ornamental fish probably escaped from a private pond last summer during flooding. Several walkers report having seen it.

“It was here” confirms the former minister Nicole Maréchal who photographed it. “Private ponds must have largely overflowed”. Luc often sees this goldfish. “It’s a koi. It must be about eight inches. Just after the flood, I saw it near the lock. It’s still almost a year later and it’s still there.”

Not a problem, but…

A goldfish in the Ourthe is abnormal, but not a disaster either, explains Michaël Ovidio from the University of Liège. Researchers in his department capture some from time to time. The phenomenon already existed before the flood. Aquariums probably smuggled into the river. “We are doing research in the rivers that had significant flooding last summer. Inventories are in progress. The objective will be to compare pre- and post-flood fish populations. If we had a spike of ornamental fish in the rivers, we might see it in our counts.” Poulseur’s koi don’t worry him. “As long as it’s an isolated fish, which is colorful, it will certainly quickly fall prey to predators. It’s not a problem in itself, but it would be better if it wasn’t there.”

Francis Oger, president of the fishermen of the Ourthe, is not worried either: “Since it is brightly colored, it is very visible to cormorants. Sooner or later it will get eaten.”

The fish can find a place that suits them and stay there. Like this goldfish in Poulseur. He chose well. It must be said that the place is rather pretty.

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