Poultry: no buyer for Tilly-Sabco in receivership

Poultry: no buyer for Tilly-Sabco in receivership

No buyer has come forward by the deadline of April 13 to revive the former chicken slaughterhouse Tilly-Sabco International, now specializing in poultry sausage, in receivership since March 27 , we learned Monday of union source. The company employs 64 people, after having counted more than 300. The elected representatives of the EC received Monday morning an email from the administrator, informing them of the absence of buyers, said Nadine Le Guen, elected CGT EC Tilly Sabco International, established in Guerlesquin, Finistere. “The employees who were working were informed this morning, it was hard, working knowing that it was over, it was demotivating,” she said. Partial unemployment since March. Tuesday afternoon, the elected officials of the EC will meet the administrator before informing the employees, partial unemployment since early March. “It’s a mess,” lamented Nadine Le Guen, 38, in the company. “Since the last recovery, the employees had found their bearings, we were a good team,” she said, referring to the “tough competition” fatal poultry factory. “We were informed that LDC had positioned itself for the purchase of equipment and the external reclassification of employees, but it is not known how many or on which sites,” she said. Gentle, in liquidation. The French group LDC (Loué chickens, in particular) presented at the beginning of April an offer to take over the soft Finisterian poultry farm, placed in bankruptcy on April 4 , in alliance with three other investors. The Dutch company Wegdam Food Link took over in December 2016 the company Guerlesquin, at the time Tilly-Sabco Britain, leaving 134 employees on the floor of nearly 200 she had then. Wegdam specializes in the production and distribution of frozen food products. Saved from bankruptcy in 2014. The former chicken slaughterhouse had already been saved from bankruptcy in December 2014 by three investors: the Morlaix CCI, the British MS Foods and an investment fund, the Breizh Algae Invest, launched by the Olmix Group, specializing in biotechnology. This acquisition had saved nearly 200 jobs out of more than 320 companies.

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