Poverty, Debt, Torture ..; There is no one to save; Leaning back to the left Latin America – Latin America | Left Politics

Caribbean Islands, We call Latin America the whole of the South American continent, with the exception of Central America and Mexico. The history that people generally share in this vast region is the bitter experience of foreign invasions and colonial rule from the fifteenth century onwards. They also share the history of the struggle against dictatorships. But today, Latin America continues to be one of the most economically unequal regions in the world. Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama are geographically part of Central and North America. Major South American countries include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. And Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. In the post-Kovid world, various countries are facing severe economic crises. Sri Lanka plunged into debt. Developed countries are also plagued by problems, including rising fuel prices. The economic situation in Latin American countries is also very poor. Inflation, inflation and organized crime have increased. Government corruption, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and oppression of women continue unabated. Latin America has the highest bank interest rate in the world, according to a study. It is in this context that the people support the political movement that promises social justice and free education.