"Hello, I would like to help Marie. "Hi, would you have Jonathan's address? I want to pay him books for his university year. "Your stories are heartbreaking, how can I help these people? "

While Emmanuel Macron presented his plan against poverty Thursdaymany of you have written to us. No messages annoyed by the title of an article or the treatment of information. There, your lines were only solidarity and emotions. Little words that tell us that ours are capable of creating a great momentum of solidarity. We rewind.

Pledges of food donations

On the occasion of the announcement of the presidential plan, Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui in France decided to highlight the first concerned. Our series of portraits described the daily lives of households or single people earning around € 1,000 per month.

There was Jean-François, Pascaline and their son Florian who sometimes had to choose between "doing laundry or eating". Jonathan, Parisian student a time SDF who does not have enough to pay a RER ticket. Suzanne and Lyna, single mothers. Or Marie, retired from the Oise struggling with 900 € monthly income and who does not have what to offer the toilet water to welcome us on the day of the interview.

Jonathan in front of Crous de Paris./LP/Carmen Abd Ali

Stories that moved many readers. Pél-mêle, there were individuals who proposed to pay philo books to Jonathan, a company that promised to send a lot of creams and perfumes to Marie and other people who asked the addresses of the witnesses to send them food.

With their agreement, we sent their contact details or those of the associations that help them. "Very touched" by the gifts of the readers, the retired Oise, supported by the Little Brothers of the poor, made us say that she thanked those who thought of her. Contacted via the structure that houses him in the Paris region, Jonathan did not give signs of life. If the young man reads us, let him know that his fate is not indifferent.


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