‘Powdered flu’ Agrita is going to cut her stomach

Agrita Bindre-Blumenaua, who is known in Latvia as a participant of the TV show “Family in a Jar” and a network marketing influencer, has been able to get rid of 30 kilograms of excess weight with a draconian diet in the last year, but the expected slimness is not. That’s why she decided in favor of the most radical solution – stomach shrink surgery.

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Agrita’s life on the reality show “Family in a Jar” can be observed for the second year. She is a mother of four; one daughter is a child with special needs. Agrita’s husband’s alcoholism had previously complicated the family’s daily life, but she had managed to get rid of this burden – she divorced her husband in front of the TV camera and then fell into depression instead of falling into depression. The prosperity also meant a change in visual appearance, with Agrita becoming obese during her marriage. Many TV viewers noticed that the functional food or so-called powders, which Agrita praises on her Instagram profile, did not really help in this disease.

However, at the end of last year, she surprised the fans with an impressive weight loss – minus 30 kilograms. It is not so easy to maintain this result: after a looser life with parties, wine and chips, five kilograms of the lost have returned. Agrita does not hide the fact that it makes her feel psychologically uncomfortable, so the influencer is considering taking a more serious step – to perform a stomach reduction operation, and therefore has come to a consultation with a surgeon.”I achieved a significant weight loss with extremely strict discipline, self-compulsion. After my husband left and all those experiences I had to get something. But when the weight reached minus 30 kilograms, the drop stopped. not a gram, and it became very depressing, “- explains Agrita.

She needs to get rid of excess weight not so much for aesthetic reasons as for health, namely, Agrita suffers from complicated arthritis and underwent serious hip surgery a few years ago.

It should be noted that stomach reduction or bariatric surgery is an expensive operation and involves many risks. You can read more about it here: A smaller stomach and a farewell to overweight – which is bariatric.