Power outages in the old town intensify | Radio Jaén

The patience of the residents in the old town, especially in the neighborhood of San Juan, Faldas del Castillo as well as several streets in La Merced, is about to end due to the power outages that have been intensifying in recent weeks, which are lasting longer and longer, and that generate enormous unrest among the residents of the southern part of the capital of Jaén.

The situation has worsened this week when During the early hours of January 26, numerous streets in the aforementioned neighborhoods spent the whole night in the dark with the consequent feeling of insecurity on the part of the residents. To this is added that the interruption of the electricity supply also affects the homes, which prevents having the heating turned on to warm up during the cold nights in January.

The panorama was repeated during the night of Monday, January 27, which has led the president of the neighborhood association ‘Torre del Concejo’ (San Juan neighborhood), Francisco Jesús Castro, to raise go to the consumer association Facua to mediate with Endesa with the aim of putting an end to the inconveniences caused by cuts.

January 14 protest

The neighborhood collective convened a protest last Tuesday, January 14, with which they wanted to make their complaints clear. The action was carried out next to the transformer that is located next to one of the roads that lead to the old wall of Jaén. It was there They demanded several improvements from the supplying company, improvements that, given that the problems continue, have not yet been made.

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