Power, Weather and Wind | Hundreds of households are still without electricity

It has been three intense days for the network companies in Valdres. Although many have regained power on Sunday night, there are still some who have to settle for being without electricity for a while longer.

VALDRES: The storm with strong winds on Friday led to trees blowing over streamlines and power poles that overturned or cracked.

For a period, the wind was so strong that it was simply dangerous for the fitters to move out in the woods.

Friday night, therefore, large parts of Valdres were darkened. Over the weekend, more and more houses have had their windows lit again, but there are still some who have to settle for another night without electricity.

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Glad news

On Sunday afternoon, Griug was able to report good news.

– The area Ulnes-Stand-Fodnes has got the power back, they wrote on their website just after 17.00 on Friday.

But at the same time, they stated that there are several areas that probably will not get the power back during Sunday evening.

– The area Tisleidalen-Nøsen-Fløten. The power will most likely NOT return tonight. There are many extensive faults in the area, they wrote.

The same is true in Lomen.

– Those who have not regained the power in Lomen now, will probably not get it back today. Major destruction in the area.

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Still some powerless

Sør-Aurdal Energi Nett has not updated its website or Twitter on Sunday, but the outcome map shows that the power is back in large parts of the municipality.

– There are still subscribers in the southern part of Hedalen who are without electricity, as well as some individual subscribers elsewhere in the municipality, Sør-Aurdal municipality writes on its website.

The municipality also writes that for those who do not have electricity or water, it is possible to shower at the schools in Hedalen and Begnadalen.

Some parts of Sør-Aurdal are still without mobile phone coverage.

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511 customers without electricity

Etna nett worked with error correction all night until Sunday and also continued throughout the day. In addition to their own crew, they have also hired eight men from Stange AUS and Laje.

– There are a lot of low voltage faults which means that many are still without electricity, and this will be the case for a while longer, Etna nett wrote on its website on Sunday morning.

The priority on Sunday was Etnedal, the west side south and north of Kolbjørnshusbrua and Synnfjellet.

The interruption map for Etna Nett shows that at 18.00 on Sunday night, there were 511 customers in Etnedal who were without electricity.

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