PP, Vox and Citizens agree: the table of Snchez and Torra is a “humiliation”

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Pablo Casado believes that Pedro Snchez liquidates the principle of equality and Santiago Abascal speaks of “maximum disloyalty”

Pedro Snchez and Quim Torra chat alone this Wednesday in La Moncloa before the joint meeting of their teams.
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For the opposition, the meeting of the bilateral table between the national Government and the Government of Catalonia is the biggest staging of the claudication of Pedro Snchez and the PSOE before the independence movement and, therefore, a humiliation. In the national direction of the PP believe that the agreement reached this Wednesday is the death sentence of the non-nationalist left inSpain, because it consumes the rupture of the constitutional principle of equality among all Spaniards. And they stress that the document doesn’t even mention theConstitution, in what means a great disloyalty toSpainand an attempt to reset democracy.

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, described the meeting as the photo of maximum disloyalty. In aTweet, tild Snchez of illegitimate and Torra, of illegal, to be disabled by the courts. And in Citizens they considered that the bilateral table, more than of dialogue, was of blackmail and humiliation.

The national direction of the training chaired by Pablo Casado assured last night, in a statement, that take all measures and use all the resources at his disposal so that the assignments of the Government of Snchez to independence remain in wet paper.

In the opinion ofGnova, the statement agreed by theGeneralitatYLa Moncloacertifies before all Spanish the first payment of the political mortgage that the Catalan separatists are charged in exchange for the investiture of Snchez. In it, the Government uses the term secessionist political conflict and omits any reference to the Constitution, which is replaced by the term of legal security, as the independence parties have always demanded. The main opposition party blames Snchez for having folded the terminology and the independentist script.

The Government crosses all imaginable political red lines in 40 years of democracy by allowing the separatists to raise the self-determination of Catalua as an imposition, as well as the pardon of the coup plotters, the definitive fracture of Catalan society and the breakdown of the territorial integrity of Spain, the popular said.

And while Oriol Junqueras pilots all the movements from the prison ofLledoners, the PSOE allows the entrance to the seat of the Presidency of the Government to a defendant for the attempted coup d’etat on 1-O,Josep Maria Jov.

The deputy spokesman of Cs in the Lower Chamber, Edmundo Bal, believed that Snchez has given a photo to the head of the Catalan Executive, Quim Torra, to sell the independence movement abroad. In statements to the media, Bal called the table of authentic degeneration of institutions. In his view, it is injurious to open a peer-to-peer negotiation, as if it were an international conflict.

Also in Congress, the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, accuses Snchez of opening the souk of self-determination and pardon of criminals, as well as a possible fiscal pact and the bankruptcy of the only cash of theSocial Security, dividing the pensioners between those of first and those of second.

And Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo also starred in a hard reproach to the Executive. The spokeswomanpopularaccuses Snchez of consummating a separatist process, but not Catalan, but the definitive separation between the PSOE and equality. Now nationalists confess publicly. The Spanish left is buried today, I sentenced.

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