PPDB Jakarta 2022-2023 Registration for Elementary, Middle, High School, Vocational High School When is it open? See how to register here

NORTH TIMES – The following is information on PPDB Jakarta 2022-2023 when it will open for elementary, middle, high and vocational schools, complete by registering online.

Approaching the 2022-2023 academic year, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office will soon implement the New Student Admission system or PPDB for elementary, junior high, high school and vocational school levels.

This is intended so that parents of prospective students are not late in registering for PPDB Jakarta 2022-2023 SD, SMP, SMA, and SMK, therefore, see the complete schedule and how to register in the following article.

Reported by the North Times from the Youtube channel of Ustad Legiman MPd, that the Jakarta 2022-2023 PPDB system is carried out to ensure that the PPDB process can run in an objective, transparent, accountable, non-discriminatory and competitive manner.

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In addition, it can guarantee access to education services in DKI Jakarta Province can reach all levels of society.

PPDB Jakarta 2022-2023 is prepared for students according to their respective school levels, starting from SD, SMP, SMA, and SMK.

The following is an online guide for PPDB Jakarta 2022-2023 which is based on the previous year’s PPDB system regulations according to Permendikbud 1/2021 on PPDB and Pergub 32/2021 on PPDB technical guidelines:

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