PPS Ends in 11 Days, Directorate General of Taxes Sends “Love Letter” to the Public

JAKARTA, – The Directorate General of Taxes (DJP) of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) continues to send love letters or electronic letters (e-mail/email) to taxpayers to remind taxpayers of the PPS program.

This shipment was made massively to most taxpayers (WP) to participate in the Voluntary Disclosure Program (PPS) before ending 30 June 2022.

This program is better known as the tax amnesty amnesty) Volume II is predicted to provide many benefits to taxpayers, one of which is a lower final income tax rate.

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“The government provides the maximum opportunity for all taxpayers to be able to disclose their tax obligations that have not been fulfilled through the implementation of the Voluntary Disclosure Program (PPS),” the email said, quoted as saying., Sunday (19/6/2022).

The email in the name of the Director of Extension, Services and Public Relations of the DGT, Neilmaldrin Noor, stated that there are two policy schemes for PPS.

PPS Policy I for Corporate and Individual Taxpayers participating in the tax amnesty who do not or have not fully reported their assets.

Meanwhile, PPS Policy II is for Individual Taxpayers who have not reported assets acquired in 2016 – 2020 in the Annual Personal Income Tax Return for the 2020 Fiscal Year.

Taxpayers who take part in the PPS, said Neil, will get many benefits, including avoiding the imposition of sanctions and not issuing provisions for 2016-2020 obligations, unless it is found that assets are not disclosed.

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Then, data/information sourced from SPPH and its attachments which are administered by the Ministry of Finance or other parties related to the implementation of the HPP Law cannot be used as the basis for investigation, investigation, and/or prosecution of tax crimes against taxpayers.

“Therefore, we urge you to participate in this program and immediately prepare the required equipment considering that this program will end soon,” said the email.

For information, citing the official website of the Directorate General of Taxes, 98,562 taxpayers (WP) have participated in the Voluntary Disclosure Program (PPS) until June 19, 2022.

The assets disclosed by the WP reached Rp. 222.33 trillion. For these assets, the state has received a ransom of Rp. 22.16 trillion.

In more detail, the declaration of domestic assets and repatriated assets are the largest disclosed assets, namely Rp. 193.17 trillion. Then followed by a declaration of foreign assets of Rp 17.80 trillion, and assets invested in the amount of Rp 11.35 trillion.

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To be clear, the following is the procedure for reporting assets in the PPS program.

1. Go to or

2. Select the generate report menu, then select the type of policy, enter the notification to how much will be generated, select the token delivery medium, then send the request. Pdf file will be downloaded.

3. Open the PDF file using the Adobe Accrobat Reader DC application.

4. Fill in the form according to the title

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– Details of net assets

– List of debts

5. Press add to add a column and press delete to delete a column.

6. Press next to enter the master. Fill in the identity column which is still white.

7. Press submit when the form has been completed.

8. Enter the verification code (token) received via email or SMS then press send.

9. Return to the page for the Draft menu. If you follow policy II, upload the Letter of Revocation of the Application for Lawsuit, Appeal, and/or Review which has not yet been issued a Decision.

10. Press the payment button in the action column to generate a billing code. There are 3 options:

– Create billing id

– Confirmation of payment id billing

– Confirmation of payments whose billing id was not made via the page, then press process.

11. Payment of billing is done through bank perception. After making the payment, press the payment button on the action menu, if the tax code and deposit type code match, the data will appear on the page.

– Tax type code 411128

– Deposit type code: Policy I 427, Policy II 428

12. When you have finished making the payment, press the “Send SPPH Data” button on the “Action” Menu.

13. Take the verification code by pressing the “HERE” button, then select the medium for sending the verification code and send the token. Enter the verification code received via email or SMS, then press the send SPPH button.

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