PQ: the five candidates from the region are committed to culture

The five candidates of the Parti Québécois (PQ) in the region met in Trois-Rivières to unveil an issue close to their hearts, namely culture. Not only do they want to protect the French language, but also support existing centers, including museums.

“According to a recent survey, more than 50% of Quebecers aged 18 to 37 consume very little, if any, Quebec audiovisual content on online platforms. No less than 31% of them admit that they never listen to or watch content from Quebec. Netflix, Amazon and other platforms like Spotify do not sufficiently highlight our productions. It shows the importance of taking action and promoting Quebec culture, whether it is expressed through music, the visual arts or writing. It is for this reason that in telecommunications and broadcasting, the Parti Québécois is proposing to create a Quebec CRTC, and therefore the CRTQ, to tighten quotas and to force digital platforms to offer “discoverability” options to Quebec in order to promote our culture and curb the decline of our language,” launched the Parti Québécois candidate in Champlain, Alexandre Lallemand.

“The Parti Québécois is committed to stopping the Espaces Bleus project to use this $259 million within existing institutions. We must not create a second competing network for museums and regionally, in each of our constituencies, we have approved museums and they are demanding not to create a competing network. The position of the Parti Québécois is very clear and we are going to reinvest the money earmarked for Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec in our museum institutions,” said Philippe Dumas, candidate in Nicolet-Bécancour.

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Laurent Vézina, candidate in Trois-Rivières, for his part agreed that his Leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, had won the first debate and ventured to say that he would also win the next one. He then also reiterated the importance of investing in culture.

“The CAQ boasted last week that no government has invested $1.7 billion in culture. The CAQ is confused. It is not because it is doing better than the Liberal Party of Quebec that it is doing well. If you got 11 out of 20, and you beat the one who got 9 out of 20, that doesn’t mean you’re doing well. As in a majority of European countries, the budget for culture in Quebec must reach 2% of the normal budget, ”he dropped.

“This morning, the Finns are 5.4 million inhabitants. They speak Finnish and they have no complex. Germans speak German and there are 95 million German speakers in the world. There are 400 million French speakers in the world. The French language is not an ordinary language, it is civilizational. It is a benchmark for its quality, richness and precision. If Finns are unapologetic, there’s no reason in the world why we at home shouldn’t be confident about the future and comfortable promoting our culture. »

Remember that the Quebec general elections will be held on October 3 to renew the 125 seats of the National Assembly of Quebec.