Practical test Skoda Enyaq iV 80: source of relaxation

Power, range and performance

The version with the large battery is a good argument against the still rampant Range fear. However, the technology requires a more relaxed driving style, so that it can with the Range works. It is true that what is available from the start seduces Torque 310 Newton meters to bring out the 150 kW – from 0 to 100 km / h it takes 8.5 seconds – but most of the time the Enyaq rolls calmly over the asphalt. It weighs 2.2 tons SUV does not pose problems for the driver, and soon the person behind the wheel will discover driving pleasure. The steering is precise and the chassis smooths out the worst bumps. At the comparatively manageable 160 km / h, the propulsion is electronically limited, and a corner robber wants it Skoda Enyaq not be anyway. For a quick sprint in between, the “Sport” setting is always sufficient and the two-ton truck sprints forward powerfully.