Praise for the decision to suspend licenses for private schools.. Inflated numbers and a symbol of class differences

March 20, 2023

Baghdad / Obelisk: The Ministry of Education has taken a decision to stop granting licenses to open private schools, in a step aimed at reducing the inflation of the number of private schools.

Investment in private school projects has been widely active in recent years, despite accusations against this sector of being unprofessional in dealing with students and the Ministry of Education’s inability to set controls and conditions for the work of these schools.

Most of the private schools were associated with investors and people looking for money only, which affected the educational level.

The former head of the Salah al-Din Governorate Council, Ammar Youssef, believes that the government’s decision to stop granting licenses to open private schools is a positive step, especially after their numbers have increased without the existence of any evaluation or educational controls.

Former MP Ammar Youssef Hammoud said that the many problems that public education suffers from in Iraq is now producing the phenomenon of the spread of private schools in a way that may threaten the future of public education.

Activist Mahdi al-Iraqi believes that private schools are black market commercial deals aimed at destroying government schools and deteriorating the academic situation in order to make their project a success.

Among the reasons for resorting to private schools, despite their large financial costs, is the decline in the level of education in public schools due to their small numbers, the great shortage of their requirements, and the density of students in them, in addition to the adoption of double and triple shifts in one school.

Abboud Al-Samarrai says that education in private schools in Iraq is not ideal, as many observations were made on most schools, which are mainly investment institutions.

In previous statements, the Ministry of Education acknowledged the significant shortage of school buildings, stressing the need for 10,000 schools to fill the shortage, which would take 15 years to complete.

And the academic Majid Al-Kalabi talks about the high costs in private schools, saying that the costs of education in private schools are high compared to public schools, which makes them unaffordable for many Iraqi families.

In addition, the quality of education is not sufficient in all private schools, which leads to a decline in the level of education provided.

Private schools are not adequately monitored by the Ministry of Education, which gives some schools the opportunity to provide poor or inappropriate education to students.

And private schools receive students from the middle and upper class of Iraqi society, which leads to exacerbating social differences and unequal opportunities among students.

Prepared by Muhammad Al-Khafaji

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