Prakit pointed out that nicotine has a protective effect against COVID-19 unreliable

Dr. Prakit pointed out the news of nicotine from smoking. It may be effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. caused by cigarette companies to create an image of hope that cannot come true for the smokers to continue to smoke Warning news addicts must be careful as research is funded by cigarette companies. with a conflict of interest unreliable

On May 1, Prof. Dr. Prakit Watesathakit, Secretary-General of the Campaign for No Smoking Foundation and qualified directors National Tobacco Products Control Board Addressing the case of news that nicotine from smoking may have a protective effect Covid-19 infection that cigarette companies have a long history issued a press release supporting research into the benefits of nicotine in various fields, including the production of a smoking cessation vaccine. But the nicotine in tobacco has never been found to have any medical benefits. The British-headquartered tobacco company recently announced that it is developing a vaccine to protect against COVID-19 from tobacco leaves, and has tried to persuade the British government to join in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19. The British government did not accept the offer.

Prof. Dr. Prakit continued that tobacco control experts agreed that Making news about tobacco companies is a visualization and a hope that can’t be true. to allow smokers to continue to smoke only in a settlement agreement between state prosecutors in the United States Under the agreement, tobacco companies must dissolve tobacco companies and research institutes sponsored by tobacco companies. To keep tobacco companies from sponsoring research to confuse the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke. But the latest cigarette companies also announced funding to support research and promoting the use of a new type of tobacco product, e-cigarettes. Therefore, when considering research news on tobacco and health, it is important to be careful whether it is research funded by tobacco companies or not. This is research that has conflicts of interest and is not reliable.

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