Prat. 40 years of blood donation in the Cavan-Prat sector

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On Wednesday evening, a select committee of the Cavan-Prat Volunteer Blood Donor Association held the Annual General Meeting at the Multipurpose Hall.

If the year 2020 was marked by the organization of only two blood drives, ten new donors presented themselves, despite the registration constraints linked to the health protocol. ” We have 50 places for each collection and they are all taken, rejoices the president, Monique Even. These are young people who come to join our regulars, our loyal donors. The population is aging, so the need for blood increases each year by 2 or 3% nationally. Our participation is a long and essential continuity, the association’s message may seem redundant, but the needs are permanent. »

This year, the association would have liked to celebrate its 40 years of existence, but for the moment, the situation does not allow it. Three collections are being organized this year, the next one will take place in Cavan on Monday, October 11. “There are no contraindications to donating blood if you have just been vaccinated, specifies the president, even if it is the day before the donation. »


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