PRD accuses López Obrador of being insensitive to floods in Tabasco

The national president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (FART), Jesús Zambrano Grijalva, accused the president of lack of sensitivity Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the people affected by the floods in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

“The president has shown a lack of sensitivity, nothing of the humanism that he so much proclaims, I recommend you go to the highest places, to the shelters, get out of there, but no clear show of solidarity,” said Zambrano Grijalva.

“He, who boasted so much that he had visited all the municipalities throughout the country, at least two or three times, now did not want to go to the most affected areas of Tabasco“Recalled the leftist leader.

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“It is an absolute lack of sensitivity, he is late and bad. He makes a “doctor’s visit” when he had to stay there as head of state, he cannot argue is that I cannot go, I cannot visit those municipalities because I have things to do, because what other things to do that serve the people, “he added the official.

In addition, he mentioned that when the president is asked why he did not go to the places of the incident, the federal executive alludes to attacks against his government, “which is an attack by the conservatives against his government, instead of echoing and targeting emergency resources, clear saving measures for the state of Tabasco and take urgent measures to prevent these floods from recurring. An absolute irresponsibility ”.

Finally, Zambrano Grijalva condemned the disappearance of the THE FUND, “those resources no longer exist to attend emergencies and catastrophesBecause they have already been assigned to other things, they did not leave resources to maintain these contingencies. Rather than fighting corruption, they are neglecting the urgent needs of the people. “




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