Pre-season: Manchester United beat Melbourne Victory 4-1!Without Cristiano Ronaldo’s two-game winning streak, Martial scored in consecutive games_Right Foot_Restricted Area_Champions League

Original title: Pre-season: Manchester United reversed Melbourne Victory 4-1!No Cristiano Ronaldo wins two games in a row, Martial scores consecutive goals

On the evening of July 15, Beijing time, in the second game of the preseason, Manchester United reversed Melbourne Victory 4-1 away and won two consecutive victories. Ronaldo continued to be absent, the opponent scored in the opening 5 minutes, McTominay equalized, Martial scored in a row, Rashford made a contribution, and Taxi Zhong made his opponent’s own goal.

game focus

1. Ten Hag’s two-game winning streak start: This is Ten Hag’s second game in charge of Manchester United. The first game beat Liverpool 4-0. Although he conceded the first goal in this game, he finally completed the reversal. The process was not completely satisfactory, but in terms of results, it was finally off to a good start. Next, the Red Devils will face Premier League side Crystal Palace in four days.

2. Nani reunites with his old club: Nani joined Manchester United in 2007 and left in 2015. He played for 8 years, played 229 times and contributed 41 goals and 73 assists. Won 4 Premier League titles and 1 Champions League. Recently, he has just joined Melbourne Victory. Facing the old owner this time, he also took over the No. 17 jersey presented by Manchester United before the game, but did not come off the bench until the 87th minute.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo continued to be absent, and Martial scored consecutive goals: Cristiano Ronaldo is still absent from Manchester United’s pre-season games, and it is uncertain when he will return to the team. Martial started as a center for two consecutive games and scored in two consecutive games, showing an excellent competitive state.

wonderful moment

In the 5th minute, Fulani made a cross from the right, the ball slid in front of Maguire, and Ikonomides scored with his right foot, 0-1! Manchester United are behind.

In the 13th minute, Brirant made a cross from the right, Maguire did not take off, and Economidis headed the ball wide.

In the 17th minute, Fei B made an inverted triangle pass from the right side of the penalty area, and McTominay kept up with his right-footed push and was blocked from the baseline.

In the 25th minute, Sancho scored the ball, and Fei B’s right foot burst shot from the right side of the penalty area was saved.

In the 33rd minute, Fred shot a long shot with his left foot high from the periphery. In the last game, he scored a wonderful lob with his right foot.

In the 43rd minute, McTominay stole the ball in the frontcourt, took a long shot with his right foot from outside the penalty area, and fell into the net after being refracted, 1-1! Manchester United equalised.

In the 45th and 1st minute, Dalot made an inverted triangle return from the right, Elanga made a cross, Martial stopped the ball with his left foot and pushed into the net, 2-1!

In the 46th minute, Manchester United had a 10-man rotation, leaving only goalkeeper Heaton in the starting lineup.

In the 68th minute, Savage picked a pass, and Van de Beek shot the middle net from the left side of the penalty area, but it was offside.

In the 78th minute, Bailly made a straight pass, and Rashford stabbed his right foot into the net in the penalty area, 3-1!

In the 83rd minute, Malaysia made a cross from the left, and Rashford headed the ball too straight.

In the 90th minute, Zhong Taxi made a pass from the right side of the penalty area, causing the opponent to own an own goal, 4-1!Return to Sohu, see more


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