Prea in northeastern Brazil

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Prea is the neighboring town of the well-known travel destination Jericoacoara in northeastern Brazil. While Jericoacoara is very touristy and has a rich entertainment program, Prea has remained very original. The former fishing village is right on the beach. If you like it more contemplative and quiet, Prea might be the right destination for you.

The beach of Prea – the sand is thrown through the air by the wind

Where is Prea?

Prea is located about 10 km southeast of Jericoacoara on the other side of the headland in the state of Ceara Brazil. It is located on the edge of the extensive Jericoacoara dune area. The nearest major cities are Sao Luis to the north and Fortaleza to the south.

What is the best way to get to Prea?

Of course it depends on where you want to travel from. I will show you two options below.

Arrival from Jericoacoara to Prea

If you are already in the popular resort of Jericoacoara, you can book a jeep crossing. This takes about half an hour and goes through the beautiful dune landscape of the Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara. You will find many providers of jeep tours in town and just ask them. I have already detailed the itinerary to Jericoacoara in my detailed article about the city.

Jericoacoara – Brazil like in a picture book
Jericoacoara – Brazil like in a picture book

Arrival from Fortaleza to Prea

From Fortaleza there is a direct bus connection to Prea. The bus ride takes about 7.5 hours. Alternatively, many private transports are offered from Fortaleza. I will link them to you below.

Dieses Bild zeigt 4 Einzelbilder aus Stronghold.  Bild 1 Cocó Ecological Park in Fortaleza.  Bild 2 Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture.  Bild 3 ein Äffen im Coco Park.  Bild 4 Praia de Iracema in Fortaleza
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Tip: buy bus tickets online in Brazil

Since we are already on the subject of transport in Brazil anyway, I would like to point out another special feature here. I couldn’t buy bus tickets online during my trip in Brazil because my European credit card wasn’t accepted. As far as I know, the only bus ticket sales site that also offers PayPal is I know from other travelers that online payment worked without any problems here – but it didn’t work for me, so I had to buy all the tickets on site at the bus station.

I also had the problem with the credit card payment in Brazil when I wanted to book a flight online on a Brazilian site. So I switched to a German website and it worked perfectly there.

Zwischenstopp am Tree of Preguiça

I traveled by jeep through Jericoacoara National Park and had a great stopover. In the middle of nowhere made of endless sand there is a tree – the Tree of Preguiça. This one is really worth seeing. Due to the strong winds in the region, this famous tree grew prone. However, it is a very popular photo spot where longer waiting times are to be expected.

This picture shows me at the Tree of Preguiça
Ich am Tree of Preguiça

What can you do in tranquil Prea

In contrast to neighboring Jericoacoara, there isn’t too much on offer here. It is a place that is ideal for those looking for some rest and relaxation. There are only a few restaurants and actually no real nightlife. Nevertheless, I was absolutely not bored here. I really enjoyed my stay here.

Endless walks on the beach

If you like walks on the beach, you will love Prea. Here you can really walk endlessly on the beach. Whether north or south, the beach goes on endlessly in both directions.

This picture shows the endless beach of Prea towards Jericoacoara
The endless beach towards Jericoacoara
This picture shows the endless beach of Prea towards the south.
The endless beach to the south

Fantastic sunsets

It is also worth going to the Praia do Prea beach again at sunset. The sunsets here are really beautiful and worth seeing. Most of the time I went for a short walk on the beach in the evening to enjoy this sight.

Note, however, that the wind blows quite strongly here, especially in the evening. During my stay in November, the wind blew so hard in the evening that the sand flew. The flying sand was sometimes quite painful on the bare skin. You can see the blowing of the sand in my attached video at the end of the post.

This picture shows the sunset at the beach of Prea
The sunset on the beach of Prea

A paradise for kitesurfers and windsurfers

Kitesurfers and windsurfers get their money’s worth here. On the endless beach, they don’t get in each other’s way and can let off steam. Especially in the months from July to December there are perfect conditions here. This place is of course popular for this sport. I had so much fun watching the kitesurfers.

This picture shows the kite surfers in the sunset
Many kitesurfers are out at sunset

ATTENTION: There are NO ATMs here either

As in the tourist town of Jericoacoara, there are no ATMs here either. Although I didn’t have much cash with me (as I didn’t know it), I got by just fine. Credit card payment is accepted almost everywhere. Nevertheless, I advise you to top up your cash before your stay in these places.

Summary of my stay in Prea:

I really enjoyed this tranquil place. The endless walks on the beach were just fantastic. The fine sandy beach really stretches endlessly. Every evening I went to the beach again at sunset to see this natural spectacle. So I really had a wonderful time. After the hustle and bustle of overcrowded Jericoacoara, this quiet place was the perfect balance. However, if you are looking for a place with nightlife and lots of shops, you probably won’t get your money’s worth here. For some rest and relaxation, however, the place is perfect.

YouTube video of my trip to Prea:

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