Precautions taken for safe indigenous consultation in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán (OEM-Infomex) Avoid the entry of any type of object that puts the integrity of the participants at risk, in addition to the presence of elements of the Civil Guard.

This was confirmed by the president of the Electoral Commission for the Attention to Indigenous Peoples of the Electoral Institute of Michoacán (IEM), Carol Arellano Rangel in an interview with El Sol de Morelia, after the meeting was held a couple of weeks ago with the applicants for the indigenous consultation and state authorities such as the head of the Legislative liaison area, Humberto Urquiza Martínez, where the context in which the community lives was analyzed, and it was agreed that on June 4 the assembly would be held in the Primary Miguel Hidalgo.

Arellano Rangel explained that the reason for the indigenous consultation for self-government and the exercise of the direct budget in a closed and neutral space is so that the inhabitants of San Francisco Uricho can exercise their participation in conditions of freedom.

According to the counselor, the number of elements of the Civil Guard and the uniformed officers of the Erongarícuaro municipal police who will guard the consultation is still unknown, but she confirmed that the request has already been accepted by the state government authorities to grant protection of the inhabitant, so they will only be attentive to the protection that the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) will carry out.

In addition, he announced that in the Miguel Hidalgo primary school there will be security filters at the entrances so that the belongings of those attending the consultation are reviewed, in order to avoid the entry, said the counselor, of sharp weapons, flammable products or any other object. that could put the integrity of the inhabitants of the community at risk.

“What is being cared for is the integrity of each one of the inhabitants and that no community member or community member receive reprisals against them. We are taking care of any detail to avoid another violent incident, ”he stressed.

The members of the IEM will install ballot boxes in the consultation, which will be identified with the colors of the Purépecha flag. The request for the installation of the ballot boxes was made by the inhabitants who do want self-government, because with this, the participants will cast their free and secret vote, coupled with the fact that they will also have the assurance that no one will know if it was for or against. .

Remember that on January 15, when the consultation was held for the first time in San Francisco Uricho, a group of people supposedly sent by the municipal president of Erongarícuaro, Juan Calderón Castillejos, who oppose self-government, boycotted the internal process through the burning of chairs, canvas and the stage, which forced the IEM councilors to suspend the assembly.