Predictions for 2018: the anti-cancer Treatment, natural disasters, the invasion of the chinese investment


the Global Board of Policies of Business in the A. T. Kearney released after a thorough analysis the main ten predictions for the year 2018, with ramifications in technology, health, policy and global environment of business.

Among the predictions include the achievement of the rule of quantum. The supremacy of the quantum would bring a revolutionary computer, changing the behavior of subatomic particles, such a computer operating exponentially faster than a traditional computer. While the basic system of a traditional computer operates in a limited system of bits zero or one, the concept of the quantum, called the classic qubit, represents a system in which a bit can be represented by zero and one at the same time, which would increase the speed of operation, writes Financial Newspaper.

IBM has announced the beginning of the year 2017 that is preparing the launch of the first computer with a quantum processor, and several companies have announced that they are preparing what could generate the supremacy of the quantum.

The second prediction says that the way in which it works, the negotiations will continue at the same rate in 2018, which will lead to a Brexit difficult at the beginning of 2019.

The tenth input of the report argues that discoveries in the treatments of cancer will accelerate at an unprecedented rate. This prediction is based on all of the groundbreaking discoveries that have taken place in 2017, beginning at the various treatments that promise the delay of the enlargement process of alzheimer’s, up to a possible treatment for autoimmune Huntington.

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