Pref92 – in charge of civil defense affairs

Your missions in a nutshell

RIFSEEP group: 2

Main activities

In close liaison with the head of the SIDPC, his deputy and your partner within the section, you are in charge of civil defense affairs within the service. As such, you are entrusted with:
– the implementation of directives relating to the safety of activities of vital importance in the department in relation with the operators of the sites;
– the organization and participation in visits by the working group relating to the examination of points of vital importance (PIV);
– the development and implementation of Vigipirate measures, in particular the coordination of the police and the military within the framework of the Sentinel system;
– the management of authorizations and the training of prefecture personnel in the protection of secrecy;
– participation in crisis management and civil security exercises;
– participation in the command post of PLD-Arena, the Rock-en-Seine festival and major events in the department. This mission will experience strong activity in 2023 and 2024 with the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
– penalty payments on civil security events occurring in the department directly linked to the member of the prefectural body on duty. These paid on-call duties last one week and are carried out on average once every two months.

Professional environment
Service activities
The inter-ministerial service for civil defense and protection ensures the permanence of the State and the safety of the population by implementing planning, prevention and crisis management actions, in coordination with the public authorities and operators. public and private

Composition and staffing of the service
The SIDPC is made up of 14 agents:
– the head of department (A) and his deputy (A)
– the operation section composed of 3 agts (SA): 1 section head and 2 in charge of crisis management and planning
– the security section made up of 2 officers in charge of civil defense affairs (SA)
– the security commission section which includes 6 staff: 1 section head (SA), his deputy (SA), 2 in charge of the security files of the ERP and the IGH (SA or contractual), 2 in charge of the follow-up of the municipal commissions of fire safety and organizational monitoring of the section (AA)
– 1 apprentice in support of the various missions of the service

Hierarchical links
The head of the interministerial civil defense and protection service or his deputy.

Functional links
You are required to have close relations with the department of the senior defense official of the Ministry of the Interior, the General Secretariat for Defense and National Security (SGDSN), the General Secretariat for the Defense and Security Zone ( SGZDS), the Paris fire brigade, the police and intelligence services, the decentralized State services and the department’s major operators

Required profile

Your main skills implemented:

Technical knowledge :
– Have computer/office skills: practical level – required
– Know the professional environment: mastery level – to be acquired
– Have legal skills: practical level – required

Expertise :
– Know how to apply the regulations: mastery level – required
– Know how to write: master’s level – required
– Know how to work in a team – mastery level – required

Know-how :
– Know how to adapt: ​​mastery level – required
– Have a sense of human relations: mastery level – required
– Know how to express yourself orally: mastery level – required

Vos perspectives :
The experience acquired and the skills developed on the job allow access to positions of category B with responsibilities and effectively prepare for administrative competitions.