Home Entertainment Pregnant Evelina Bledans showed an ideally flat stomach

Pregnant Evelina Bledans showed an ideally flat stomach

Evelina Bledans went to Tel Aviv with the tour of the play "Love in Italian", where she plays one of the main roles. Plus, it's a great opportunity to see your eldest son, who has lived with his father in Israel for many years. Already on the land of the promised actress could not take advantage of the opportunity to plunge into the sea and record a video, where she is all flying flying along the seashore. But in fact not so long ago the actress declared, that she is pregnant? And where is the stomach? – Immediately surprised in the comments of fans. In the video, a slender actress, on the contrary, demonstrates an ideal press. In the end, for an age-old pregnant Evelina is already feeling briskly and happily.
"But what about pregnancy?", "Well, if that's what you're playing, what will you talk about then, if you are not bred like suckers?" Well done, Evelina, I admire you, "the Internet people thought.

After a sleepless airplane night, the sea is the best healer

Recall a month ago in the program, Andrei Malakhov, 49-year-old actress said that she would like to again become a mother and give birth to a girl. And since a permanent and loving man is not around, she is ready to undergo IVF procedure. Said she did it! And right under the cameras of the TV project. And after a while she announced that everything went well and soon she would really become a mother. Moreover, Bledans completed all her television projects, closes work in performances, as soon as the decree awaits her.
49-year-old Evelina Bledans has made ECO
The results of the procedure will be known in two weeks. Evelina very much hopes that everything went well. Previously, Bledans admitted that after the appearance of Seeds, she dreamed of her daughter. While she does not disclose details, who has become a donor of genetic material. Also, Bledans noted that she had never thought about surrogate motherhood, as she was convinced that she could bear the child herself. It does not frighten the star and the status of a single mother. (details)


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