Pregnant, Nabilla recounts her weight gain

The star shares the details of her daily life with her followers.

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To the delight of her subscribers, Nabilla continues to share her daily life on social networks, even though she is pregnant with her second child.

At the beginning of February star announced a happy news to his followers, the family is growing. Already parents of a little boy, Nabilla and her husband Thomas revealed the young woman’s pregnancy on an Instagram post that moved the couple’s fans.

Since then, Nabilla continues to give news of her pregnancy, we could read on her account a week ago that the baby was now the size of a papaya and that the star was in the 24th week. Four days ago she revealed that “carrying life is not easy every day but it remains the most beautiful experience in the world”.

Not easy every day, that’s for sure, transparent with the people who follow her, Nabilla revealed to her fans how many kilos she had gained since the start of her pregnancy. On his Snapchat account, the star revealed that he had taken between 13 and 14 kilos. She explains that “the last three months are always the most complicated because we swell everywhere. »

Within three months the young woman will forget all that and will welcome a new child whose sex we do not yet know.