Pippa Middleton was portrayed for the first time since her rape with her father-in-law. The Duchess of Cambridge's sister, along with David Matthews, 74, came to tea with her husband James and mother-in-law Jane in West London. Pippa, 34, was taken tea to the meeting last week more than four months after he showed up. Mr Matthews was investigated by the French authorities for his allegations, which he strictly denies. Pippa, to be born in October with her first child, wore a flowery blue dress over her baby bump while her father-in-law wore jeans, sneakers, and a light blue shirt for the family reunion.

Pippa Middleton and her mother-in-law Jane Matthews are having tea for a meeting with the husband of 34-year-old James Matthews and his dad David Matthews, 74

From left: Pippa Middleton, James Matthews, David Matthews and Jane Matthews at the table Pippa attended the West London meeting with her husband James, 42, who was sitting on her side of the table drinking tea. David Matthews was accompanied at the family celebration by his wife Jane, 71, wearing a completely black outfit with sneakers. Pippa and Jane brought the hot drinks to the table, each carrying two cups of a matching set for the family to enjoy. Matthews was charged with two crimes in the late 1990s, one in Paris and one on the island of St. Barts, where the millionaire owned a hotel. The woman at the center of the lawsuits contacted the police last year, initially stating that Matthews behaved inappropriately when she was 15 years old. The Matthews family said at the time of the Paris investigation, "David Matthews categorically denies the allegations and unequivocal contests the untrue and scandalous charge."

David Matthews wore a light blue shirt, jeans, and sneakers for the London Family Reunion

Pippa and Jane are each wearing two cups for the Family Reunion in West London last week. Pippa was also seen in a summerly blue outfit when she was cycling in Kensington. She teamed up with a pair of nude flats adorned with a green star and a purple leather bag slung over her shoulder. Surely, the expectant mother put on her helmet before putting her bike on the road and set off week Pippa was spotted as she visited her local gym, where she apparently enjoyed a one-to-one training session. The Duchess of Cambridge's sporting sister beamed when she left the Define Gym in Fitzrovia, which costs from £ 28 per class. Obviously, Pippa, who was still clinging to her training regimen weeks before she was born, casually dressed in a light gray hoodie and black leggings.


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