Pregnant Winnie from ‘Blind Married’ shares lingerie photo: “So curious who you will look like”

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&nbsp- 19/08/2022 om 12:44

Just a little longer and Winnie Bogaerts (31) and Jonah Hulselmans (33), who participated in the fifth season of ‘Blind married, become mom and dad for the first time. Winnie is now 34 weeks and shared a photo on Instagram in which she poses with her round belly in lingerie. «Ready to meet you. Only 6 weeks to go (or about) until we get to know you. So curious which name we are going to say 100 times every day, who you are going to look like and which mirror you are going to hold up to us. We’re finishing the last things we definitely wanted to get in order before the baby came. It’s actually starting to look like a finished house here!”, it sounds.

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Her followers are also looking forward to the moment. “Nice picture. You’re going to do well together», «Beaming mama to be», and «Wow, that’s so exciting! A mini Winnie or Jonah», is the response.