José Mourinho will say that he is proud of his men, that the second half was very serious, that he deserved another luck. And you will be right. But he will look at the table and see that he is still sunk in the Premier League, giving ground and adding losses, moving away, perhaps definitely, from the European qualification zone.

The executioner on duty was West Ham, who beat Tottenham 2-1 and took hold in fourth place in the table, while his rival is still very far from everything, in the ninth box.

The first half, full of inaccuracies and few options for the goal, condemned the visiting team, which had Dávinson Sánchez as the starter, with some lime and others sand.

The Colombian suffered from 5 minutes due to a confusion between Dyer and Tanganga and yes, a center that was passed to Dávinson and everyone, confused, asking for a foul that they did not whistle, while Antonio appeared in the middle to, in two times, punish to Lloris.

And it could have been worse because at 10 Lingard forgave by deciding badly at the end, after beating Dávinson. The outlook did not look good for the Colombian or for Mourinho.

Tottenham reacted until 12 minutes, in a Lamela run that Kane could not capitalize on. A hard clash with the Colombian forced Soucek to score points on the eyebrow and West Ham to play with ten for several minutes, which the ‘Spurs’ could not capitalize on.

Lloris saved Dávinson at 37 when Dawson beat him on the header and Tottenham was still thick that ran a lot but only had a couple of shots on goal from Lamela (42) and Kane (45 + 1) before lowering the blind of the first time.

And nothing changed for the complement, or well yes: Bale arrived instead of Lamela (all very Mourinho, take out the only one who tried) and, with delayed effect on behalf of the VAR, West Ham marked the second at the first minute of play , when Lingard sneaked between Dier and Sánchez – again the Colombian a second afternoon – and the account was 2-0. All bad for Mourinho.

But the difference is always made by talent and Tottenham’s payroll has a lot of that, which he discounted at 63 in a Bale free kick that was left to Lucas Moura.

‘Mou’s team was filled with confidence, Dávinson was infected, winning a key ball in the line against Benhrama and another against Fornals, while Son escaped the tie in the center of Kane.

At 78 there was a miracle in the West Ham area: Bale joined Kane, the center of the scorer who wasted Dele Alli and on the rebound Bale crashed her on the crossbar … Incredible! What a regret how not only the draw but an exceptional play was wasted.

And at the end West Ham was saved again when Son’s attempt crashed into the post … who can say that the ‘Spurs’ were not trying!

The blows forced them to play beyond the 90s but it was no longer enough time for a Tottenham that struggled, which had to draw, but did not achieve it and was left empty-handed and increasingly far from the prominence expected of an erratic team , which paid for its bad start.


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