Premier League Shake|Liverpool was harassed by fireworks in the early morning, Manchester United signed Crystal Palace to lack C Trumpba (21:18) – 20220522 – Sports – Instant News

Merseyside Police received a report of a fireworks nuisance outside The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool’s hotel, at 1.45am on Sunday. , no arrests were made, and the Reds players were reported to have fallen asleep at the time. The Reds are currently one point behind Manchester City in the Premier League and still have a chance to come back and win the Premier League title for the second time. The Reds are eager for Aston Villa, coached by Sherratt, to score points for Manchester City tonight. The “Blue Moon” is expected to have defenders Kilvergar and Stones on standby in time to recover from injury.

Manchester United in the 6th place played against Crystal Palace in the Shake game. Striker Christano Lonado (C Long) and midfielder Paul Puba avoided the battle due to injuries, and caretaker manager Lan Licker failed to assist after admitting to taking office before the game. The team played aggressive football with its high pressing. He said: “This tactic requires the strong physical fitness of the players. You recall that after Gao Pu came to Liverpool, they were unable to play this kind of football in the first season, and it was not formed until a half-ball season.” Lan Shuai bluntly stated that C Lang is not good at high positions. Pressing, but not blaming the opponent. “He did perform in the game and scored some goals. Some other Manchester United players are not good at this tactic. There needs to be some compromise between us.”

If Manchester United lose points in this battle, and Westham, who is No. 7, wins again with a visit to Brayton, the rankings of the two teams will be reversed. In other words, Westham will be able to attend the Europa League next season, and the “Red Devils” will only be able to participate in the European Association. cup. Before the game of the “Hammer Boys”, it was reported that defender Isa Diop was expected to be absent due to an ankle injury, but winger Binghuama should be able to return.

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