Premier League | Tottenham beats Vera to stop the decline of Benford lore Weiss Xian rises 7th, and Traft fry coach Melo (23:19)-20211003-Sports-News

Tottenham’s previous 3 Premier League games were defeated and only scored 1 goal. Coach Nunu finally abandoned Dili Alli tonight and replaced Nidam Billy as the offensive midfielder, facing Ashton Villa at home. Shooter Carney quickly opened a free throw in the early stages and nearly scored a golden goal from nearly 50 yards from the goal, but was saved by Villa goalkeeper Damian Martinis. The other forward shot Sun Xingmin on the left and after the assist, He Jichazhi “Crescent Moon” shot through the net to help Tottenham lead the halftime. After Vera changed sides, defender Ilangaswell made a pass from the left. Onytzysz’s ambush once evened the tail post, but the defense continued to throw Sun Xingmin several times and was crossed by the South Korean star in the penalty area in 71 minutes. , Make the enemy Matt Teckett an own goal.

Tottenham rose to eighth after the game and continued to be behind Binford with a goal difference. The newly promoted Binford took a 20-minute fill-in shot with the arrow Mbbiomo, and Univesa made his final blow through the crowd into the net, and beat Wesham in London with a 2:1 lore. They only lost 1 in the first 7 games of the season, but in this battle there have been injuries to Zhennada and Hinton Badisdie, which may affect the midfield strength of the subsequent games. Although Liszt City made a 6-minute contribution with his 25th birthday forward Ian Nazu and his partner Zhan Meihuadi, leading two goals in the half, but the Crystal Palace scored by Michaelis and Shuluobi and grabbed one point at home.

In addition, after Qufort lost to Leslie United 0:1, together with the English League Cup, it has lost nearly 3 matches. The league has accumulated 2 wins, 1 and 4 losses. The 41-year-old Spanish coach Melus was fired this afternoon. Indicates that the successor is to be determined. He was appointed to lead the team in December last year, helping the team return to the Premier League as the British champion and runner-up. He has been coaching for less than a year.

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