Prepare for a cold depression.. the temperature will reach 17 and snow will fall for the first time on this date

I mentioned a page Lebanon Weather News This is the latest update of the European model ecmwf Chances of a cold air depression increase at the end of this month, with the temperature reaching 17 degrees in Beirut and snowfall for the first time, starting from a height of 2,600 meters.

For its part, the Department of Meteorology at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation forecast that the weather today, Wednesday, will be partly cloudy with medium clouds with a noticeable decrease in temperatures. Active and the possibility of falling beads from the cold.

Weather for the coming days:

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with medium clouds with a noticeable drop in temperatures. Clouds intensify during the day and fog forms on the heights. Scattered rain falls, sometimes heavy, accompanied by lightning, thunder, active winds, and the possibility of hail..

Thursday: Partly cloudy with fog on the heights and without a slight change in temperature, and the possibility of some rain in the northeast of the country during the evening period.

Friday: A few clouds in general, and the temperature will return to rise.