Preparing children for the high-tech world

Hammering, milling, programming, designing, soldering: for a week, a total of around 170 schoolchildren (3rd to 6th grade) can discover the world of technology and computer science in a playful way. Instructed by apprentices from the companies involved and students from the Graubünden University of Education, the children and young people try things out, experiment and are delighted with the product they have created themselves. This year’s Bündner MINT week will take place in Ems Chemie, RhB, Keller Laser, Trumpf Schweiz AG, Hamilton, Georg Fischer AG and in the training workshop for carpenters as well as in the computer science training center in Samedan. At the PH Graubünden, the participants program a robot using the playing fields, which were developed together with the apprentices from the companies, so that it can solve different tasks from the everyday life of the individual companies. Prof. Dr. Gian-Paolo Curcio, rector of the PH Graubünden, underlines the importance of the MINT subjects, especially computer science, for the future: “Computer science is to be understood as a cultural technology, such as language or mathematics. Children learn to use computer science as a language and use it to move robots.»