President 尹 returns home from NATO tour for 5 days and 3 nights

President Yoon Seok-yeol returned home from Seoul International Airport on the afternoon of the 1st after completing a tour of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) summit in Madrid, Spain for three nights and five days.

President Yoon shook hands with People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok, who arrived at Seoul Airport in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do around 11:30 am today (1st) and met him after disembarking from Air Force Unit 1. Kim Seong-han, Director of the National Security Office, and Lee Sang-min, Minister of the Interior and Safety were also present at the site.

At the NATO summit held on June 29-30 local time, President Yoon handled 16 diplomatic agendas.

It was his first overseas visit since taking office and his debut on the multilateral diplomatic stage. This visit was also accompanied by First Lady Kim Kun-hee.

President Yoon held bilateral talks with the leaders of Australia, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Denmark, Canada, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, as well as the three-nation summit held in four years and nine months.

In addition, the NATO summit, Asia-Pacific partner ‘AP4’ (Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand) talks, and meetings with the King of Spain and NATO Secretary-General were also digested.

Immediately after returning to Korea, President Yoon will go to the Yongsan Presidential Office building to receive reports on major domestic issues from his staff and check the direction of future state management.

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